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A guitar-based, minimalist rock trio from Tallahassee, Florida.
We like beautiful. We like loud. We like silence.
We support harmonies. We also sing them.

inwrath @ gmail . com

Our first full length, Fit and Tried is now out and available as an LP (with free MP3s), handmade Cassette, and just-a-MP3.
There's also a [REDUX] version of the album available. it's different.

Recent Press:
FSView 16AUG10:
"In Wrath's first full-length album, Fit and Tried, seems to stand as a giant middle finger to detractors and nihilists of that music scene, and proof of what Tallahassee music is capable of.
The album, which was recorded and mixed in a matter of three days in Athens, Ga., is steeped in a rare sort of professionalism, and an even rarer dedication to authenticity that reflects well on the band, as well as the town from which they hail. Besides being recorded exclusively to analog tape, the main drums, guitar and bass tracks were all recorded live, in one or two takes.
And, despite what you might've heard from time to time, that slavish devotion to the rawness of analog and live recording isn't just some high-and-mighty indie-brand bulls***: the result is tangible (particularly on the vinyl version). It figures into a purely self-produced record that feels instantly intimate and personal; Fit and Tried is obviously a labor of love, and every song feels utterly poured-over by every member of the band..."

Garrett Payne
Nathan Lee
Joshua Atkins

Band with which we've played:
Colour Revolt
Only Thieves
Small Talk
Holiday Shores
Curious Animals
Cool Hand Luke
Time and a Half
Maida Vale
Kris Braun
Jesse Payne
The Northerness
The Twelfth Chapter
Save the Ship

Places we've played:
The Engine Room (best place in Tallahassee, FL)
Club Downunder (a close second!)
Mockingbird Cafe (a great smaller venue)
The Warehouse
Bird's Aphrodisiac Oyster Shack
and a few other less desirable places...